BEWARE: 100`s of malicious apps on Google Playstore

google playstore malicious apps

BEWARE: 100`s of malicious apps on Google Playstore

Google Playstore is believed to be a trusted source for installing Android apps. Google has some advanced security checks and a strong anti-virus system to check the apps on the playstore, but now it seems that some of the apps have tricked the security system of playstore.

eZanga a Fraud production research company has revealed that hundreds of apps on playstore are made for fraudulent advert click revenue generation.

eZanga has an ad fraud solutions named Anura and it was Anura which detected fraudulent ad click attempts. 2 wallpaper apps on the playstore Lovely Rose and Oriental Beauty was monitered by Anura and it was seen that the app in 24 hours requested a total of 3061 ads and made 169 successful clicks on a phone which was put in sleep mode.

These apps create a great loss of money to the advertisers and also these apps also affect the battery life and data usage of the phones.

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