Everything you need to know about the Whatsapp for Business app.

Facebook owned whatsapp is no longwr a free to all service. Whatsapp has decided to monetise and have rilled out Whatsapp for business app that lets large enterprises connect to their customers via the popular messaging app.

According to a post on Whatsapp ‘s official blog the cimpany is building and testing new features and tools so that business can easily communucate with their customers and vice versa and provide better services.

Recently, we have seen some business having their account verified on Whatsapp and featuring a green tick badge. A green tick mark is seen on BookMyShow’s whatsapp account.

Whatsapp is currently the most active smartphone messenger with a massive 1.3 billion minthly users. Whaatsapp’s Chief opersting officer Matt Idema has revealed that they will be charging businesses in future for using Whatsapp service.

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