Do You Know: Android Nougat has a secret `Panic Mode`

Android Nougat Secret Panic Mode

Android 7.0 has become `Old` and the next version Android O is getting ready under the hood. But as of now several devices run on Android N and the developers are working on to bring out feature rich apps on the Android 7 platform. Xda developers have found some kind of feature embedded in the Android N that yet most of the people are unfamiliar.

Xda developers have found that Android Nougat has a secret `Panic Mode` which helps users protect their smartphones from malware applications. The mode overrides any application when it finds that the back key has been pressed continously more than 4 time within a span of 0.3 seconds.

usually when a user accidentally installs a malicious app and the app takes over your phone, freezing your phone or opening multiple links, showing number of advertisements ..etc a user will have the tendency to press the back button continously in order to close the app. The panic mode detects this user action and overrides the app, closes the app and brings the homescreen to the user.

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