A 53 Billion Pixel Photograph

53 billion pixel picture

A 53 Billion Pixel photo was taken by carmaker Bentley. The image was taken with NASA`s technology used in the Curiosity Mars Rover. The image is of a $330,000 car, the Bentley Mulsanne on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Click Here to view the Picture and Zoom in to view the $330,000 car, the Bentley Mulsanne.

The 53 Billion Pixel Image captures the highest depth of detail and you can zoom into the Bentley logo Stitched on the Passenger Headrest, everything is so crisp and clear.

According to Bentley, 70 individual photographs were clubbed together using the NASA`s technology. The 53,000 Megapixel photo when printed will have the size of a football field. Bentley planned to create such a photograph to highlight the `attention to detail` they put into their products.

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